Windows Serial Port Sniffer

Windows Serial Port Sniffer

Looking for a Windows serial port sniffer? You’re in luck, particularly if you choose one of the Windows serial port sniffers from Stratus Engineering.

At Stratus Engineering, we offer the best serial port sniffer for Windows, ensuring you can capitalize on a high-tech data logging solution at any time. We offer everything from a serial port sniffer for Windows 7 to one that is compatible with Vista to make it easier for you to maximize the value of your protocol analyzer solution.

So what sets our Windows serial port sniffers available from others? Here are four features that helps us differentiate our state-of-the-art Windows serial port sniffers:

1. Real-time data capture capabilities

As one of San Diego’s top as engineering design services firms, we strive to deliver Windows serial port sniffers that will suit your business needs both now and in the future. And with our Windows serial port sniffers’ real-time data capture capabilities, we make it simple for you to collect actionable data quickly and efficiently.

Real-time data capture capabilities ensure you’ll have no trouble collecting, displaying and analyzing all data exchanged between your Windows application and your serial device. Thus, you’ll be better equipped to perform effective coding, testing and optimization thanks to any of our top-of-the-line Windows serial port sniffers.

2. Support for standard and non-standard baud rates

Finding the best way to optimize a serial device’s baud rate can challenge even an experienced engineer. But with our Windows serial port sniffers, you can enjoy world-class support for both standard and non-standard baud rates.

Our Windows serial port sniffers support baud rates up to 921,600 bits/second (EZ-Tap), 1,000,000 bits/second (EZ-Tap Pro) and 2,500,000 bits/second (Versa-Tap). That way, you’ll be able to explore ways to improve a serial device’s baud rate and maximize the device’s baud rate consistently.

3. No bulky cabling

Remember the days of bulky cabling with Windows serial port sniffers? With our Windows serial port sniffers, you’ll never have to worry about this problem, as our offerings are designed to help you eliminate the hassle commonly associated with bulky cables altogether.

Unlike many traditional hardware-based RS232 monitoring schemes, our Windows serial port sniffers are compact and easy to implement. Therefore, you may be able to save both time and money with our sniffers.

4. EZ-View™ RS232 monitoring program

All of our Windows serial port sniffers are compatible with our EZ-View™ RS 232 monitoring program, ensuring you can control communication and data collection parameters with ease.

EZ-View displays time-tagged communication data and handshaking events – all from a simple-to-manage scrolling display window. And with EZ-View’s hardware-independent user interface, you can optimize the value of your Windows serial port sniffer at all times.

The Stratus Engineering team is committed to customer satisfaction and will help you find the right Windows serial port sniffer. And if you ever have concerns or questions during your search, we’re happy to assist you in any way possible.

Ready to leverage a first-rate Windows serial port sniffer from Stratus Engineering? To learn more about our wide assortment of Windows serial port sniffers, please contact us today at (858) 663-1841.