Device Driver Installation

Please visit our downloads page to download the latest copy of this file and the EZ-Tap/EZ-Tap Pro device drivers and installation guide for your operating system. Note that EZTap and EZ-Tap Pro use the same device driver. The typical user will unzip the driver files into a directory on his/her hard drive and use the Windows hardware installation wizard to complete the installation. If this does not work for you, refer to the instructions in the appropriate driver installation guide for help.

Once the EZ-Tap/EZ-Tap Pro driver has been correctly installed, EZ-Tap Pro will be shown as a USB COM port under Windows Device Manager.

EZ-Tap Pro Firmware update

After the EZ-Tap Pro device drivers have been successfully installed, please update the EZ-Tap Pro embedded firmware, which is also available on the downloads page. To do this, simply download the latest firmware installation program to a folder of your choice and then unzip and run the firmware installation executable file.

EZ-View RS232 Monitor Application

Stratus Engineering’s EZ-View RS232 Monitor program Version or higher is currently the only application program available for use with EZ-Tap Pro. EZ-View now works with EZ-Tap Pro as well as EZ-Tap and offers the same user interface for both devices. The only difference between the two devices from the EZ-View user standpoint is that EZ-View provides exact microsecond time-tagging for all data and handshaking events when used with EZ-Tap Pro. You can download the latest version of EZ-View on the downloads page. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Docklight RS232 Monitor software does not support the EZ-Tap Pro hardware module at this time. Docklight plans to support EZ-Tap Pro in a future product release.

Developing Custom software with the EZ-Tap Pro Windows API

For users requiring more sophisticated data extraction and analysis Stratus Engineering provides the EZ-TapEZ-Tap Pro API, a Windows-DLL that allows the user to develop custom software that interfaces directly with EZ-Tap Pro. The EZ-Tap Pro API interfaces directly to EZ-Tap Pro hardware for low latency access and provides exact microsecond timing for all data and RTS/CTS handshaking events. EZ-Tap Pro requires EZ-Tap Driver DLL version 1.6 or higher.