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Free EZ-View™ Data Monitoring Software

Stratus Engineering's EZ-View™ data monitoring program controls communication and data collection parameters and displays time-tagged communication data and handshaking events in an easy-to-use scrolling display window.

EZ-View™ is fully compatible with Stratus Engineering's EZ-Tap, EZ-Tap Pro™ and Versa-Tap™ hardware modules.

EZ-View™ automatically detects the hardware configuration and provides a consistent, hardware independent user interface. When used with Versa-Tap™, EZ-View provides perfect data ordering with exact microsecond time-tagging of all data and handshaking events.

 EZ-View application program V1.6.20 (Recommended)

Please vist our downloads page for additional versions to download and evaluate the EZ-View application program.

Download Free Monitoring Software
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Free software for monitoring sniffer, serial com port spy, data logging, protocol analyzers for industrial use, software program used to monitor data and trouble-shoot during development, test, trouble-shooting and analysis tool for serial communication protocols -- the easiest way to monitor RS232, RS-422, RS-485 communications
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