Free EZ-View™ Data Monitoring Software

Stratus Engineering's EZ-View™ data monitoring program controls communication and data collection parameters and displays time-tagged communication data and handshaking events in an easy-to-use scrolling display window.

EZ-View™ is fully compatible with Stratus Engineering's EZ-TapEZ-Tap Pro and Versa-Tap hardware modules.

EZ-View™ automatically detects the hardware configuration and provides a consistent, hardware independent user interface. When used with Versa-TapEZ-View provides perfect data ordering with exact microsecond time-tagging of all data and handshaking events.

EZ-View application program V1.6.20 (Recommended)

Please vist our downloads page for additional versions to download and evaluate the EZ-View application program.

EZ-View RS232 Monitor Program

EZ-View RS232 Monitor program serves the best software solution for applications that demand higher performance. EZ-View bypasses the Windows virtual COM port layer and interfaces directly to EZ-Tap hardware for low-latency access.

RS232 Monitor Application

EZ-Tap uses the receive channel from each of two USB COM ports to capture RS232 and bidirectional RS232 data. There are several software options you can use to acquire and display with EZ-Tap.

Option 1 – Windows RS232 Terminal Program

Use a simple terminal program such as Hyperterminal to capture the RS232 data traffic. Open two instances of the terminal program and assign one of the EZ-Tap COM ports to each. Be sure to set up the correct COM parameters (baud rate, etc.). The RS232 traffic will then be displayed in the terminal windows as it is transmitted.

Option 2 – Third-Party RS232 Monitor Programs

Most of these programs are designed to work with a custom passive tap cable and two COM ports. EZ-Tap is fully compatible with this mode of operation – simply assign the EZ-Tap COM ports in the program's COM port settings.

Option 3 – Develop Custom Software Using the EZ-Tap Windows API

For users requiring more sophisticated data extraction and analysis, we provide the EZ-Tap API, a Windows-DLL that allows the user to develop custom software that interfaces directly with EZ-Tap. The EZ-Tap API interfaces directly to EZ-Tap hardware for low-latency access and provides sub-millisecond data time-tagging.

EZ-View Application Program Version Change List


  • Modified data logging functions to incorporate "console view" capability.


  • Added support for synchronous HDLC RS422 data analysis capability for the Versa-Tap module.


  • Added Program Option to append for spooling data to file option.
  • Fixed bugs for data wrap around case (when buffer is full).
  • Added dialog to allow appending of data to the end of a file when using the spool data to file option.


  • Fixed issue when trying connect to device for the second time after doing data collection.
  • Added the capability to break the "line mode" display on the carriage return and line feed characters.
  • Improved the error display description and moved the display from the break column to its own column on the scrolling display
  • No longer displays date in relative time-tagging mode.
  • Includes an option to hide hours or minutes.
  • Total number of DTE bytes and the total of DCE bytes transmitted is displayed at the bottom of the window
  • Inserts a space character between the hex characters display in line mode.


  • Added support for custom baud rates up to 1Mbs for EZ-Tap Pro and 2Mbs for Versa-Tap (This capability require firmware version 25).

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