Click the links below to download EZ-Tap/EZ-Tap Pro/Versa-Tap documentation and driver/support software.

Windows Drivers


The latest windows drivers for our products can be found on the drivers page at our USB IC manufacturer’s website:

Windows Drivers (located at

In many cases Windows will automatically find and install the latest drivers when our device is first plugged into your computer. In other cases you should download the drivers to your computer and direct Windows Device Manager to install them.

You can also use the manufacturers “setup.exe” installation file to install the drive before plugging in the device.

This method should be used before running our EZ-View application in “Demo Mode” in the case that you have not yet purchased one of our products.

Custom Application Software for EZ-Tap/EZ-Tap Pro/Versa-Tap


Please contact us for information to develop your own application software for our products.